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Visitor Guide To Visit Satun Thailand

VISIT SATUN                 

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Here I want to share an article I got from Visit Satun handbook . There are a few things you should know about Satun
1.Satun is a province (state)
2.Satun also the name of a district in Satun provinces
3.Satun also is the capital of the Satun province or a city and the administrative center

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Located on the western coast in the South of Thailand, Satun is a small and tranquil province next to the Malaysian – Thai border. There is an abundance of pristine nature and mountainous forests with more than eighty beautiful surrounding islands. The well-known and famous islands are Muko Tarutao, Muko Adang – Rawi, and Muko Phetra. Satun covers an area of 2,478 square kilometres. Geographically, it features high hills On the eastern side, There is a plain, mountainous forests, and water sources. The plain and mountains together with a basin lie in the middle near the coast. Along the coastal line is a plain and an occasionally-!ooded mangrove foest where mangrove and Samae trees are mostly found. Satun is 973 Kilometres from Bangkok. Most of the people are Muslim. The coastal line stretches over 144.8 kilometres. This province consists of seven districts; namely,
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Satun Town Photo

Mueang Satun district,
Khuan Don district,
Tha Phae district,
Khuan Kalong district,
La ngu district, Thung Wa district and Manang  district.

Boundary North Borders
Rattaphum district,
Phatthalung’s Pa Bon district
and Trang’s Palian district.
South Borders Malaysia’s Perlis state.

East Borders
Songkhla’s Sadao
district and Malaysia’s Perlis state.
West Borders the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean.

By car : From Bangkok, take Highway 4, past Prachuap Khiri Khan and Chumphon, and switch to Highway 41, passes Thungsong district Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Take Highway 4 from Thungsong district to Trang Province past Ratsada district, Huai Yod district, Mueang Trangdistrict, the highway No.404 passes from Trang to Satun through Ban Thung Yao Palian district, Thung Wa district and La ngu district. The total distance is 973 kilometres.

By train : Take the Bangkok – Trang, or Bangkok – Kantang train to the Trang Railway Station. Take a passenger van service with Travel Agency opposite Trang Railway Station is available two time 09.00 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. or take a bus toward Satun. Visitors can take a Tuk-Tuk or motorcile sevice from Raiway Station to Trang Bus Terminal the fare is about 20-25 baht for person. From Trang to Satun the total distance is 140 kilometres. For more information, contact Trang Bus Terminal on Phatthalung Road at Tel.0 7521 4504, 0 7521 0544 and for more information, contact the Hua Lamphong Railway Station at Tel. 1690

By bus : There is a daily air-conditioned bus service from Bangkok to Satun. The bus leaves the Southern Bus Terminal on Borommaratchachonnani Road. For more information, call Tel. 0 2422 4444

By plane : Take the Bangkok - Trang !ight then take a bus, taxi or passenger van of Travel Agency to Satun. For more information, contact Nok Air at 1318

The optional flight is taking Bangkok - Hat Yai flight and take a bus or taxi to Satun for another 98 kms. For more information, contact Thai Airways International at Tel. 0 2356 1111 or or Thai Asia at Tel. 0 25159999 or

Transportation from Trang to Satun
By bus : From Trang Bus Terminal, there is an ordinary-bus service from 06.00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m. The bus leaves every hours. The travel takes about 2 hours. For more information contact the Trang Bus Terminal on Phatthalung Road at Tel.0 7521 5718.

By taxi : From Ratsada Road, you can take taxi sevice from 07.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m. Travel takes about 2 hours.

From Hat Yai to Satun
By bus : from the Hat Yai Bus Terminal, there is an air-conditioned bus service from 05.40 a.m. – 06.30 p.m. The bus leaves every 15 minutes. The travel takes about 2 hours. For more information, contact the Satun Transport Company Limited (Hat Yai) at Tel. 0 7424 3797, the SatunTransport Company Limited (Satun) at Tel. 0 7471 1229, 0 7471 1149.
Transportation from Trang to Pak Bara
By van : From Take a passenger van service with Travel
Agency opposite Trang Railway Station is available time
09.30 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. K.K.Travel and Tour Tel. 0 7521 1198

From Hat Yai to Pak Bara
By van : From the Agricultural Market on Phetchakasem

Distances from Amphoe Mueang Satun to
Other Districts
Amphoe Khuan Don 21 kms.
Amphoe Tha Phae 28 kms.
Amphoe Khuan Kalong 32 kms.
Amphoe La-ngu 50 kms.
Amphoe Thung Wa 76 kms.
Distances from Satun to Nearby Provinces
Trang 140 kms.
Songkhla 125 kms.
Phatthalung 134 kms.

Amphoe Mueang Satun
Satun Central Mosque or Mambang Mosque is located on the corner of Buri Wanit Road and Satun Thani Road in the heart of town. It is a place for religious services. The mosque is in a modern style of architecture. Its white building is decorated with glazed tiles, marble, and glass. The building is divided into two parts. The outer part features a verandah with a !ight up to a dome-tipped tower. At the top, a view of the town of Satun can be seen. The inner part is shaped as a large hall for praying with an underground chamber.

Satun National Museum
– Kuden Mansion  is located on Satun Thani Road, Soi 5, opposite the Satun Provincial Land O"ce. Construction was started in 1898 and completed in 1916 by Phraya Phumnatphakdi or Tunku Baharutdin Bin Tammahong (formerly Kuden Binkumae), the ruler of Satun, during the reign of King Rama V. The mansion was intended to be a royal residence during a royal visit of King Rama V to the South. However, the king did not stay overnight here. The building was later used as an o"cial residence and as the Satun Town Hall. Until World War II in around 1941, the building was occupied by Japanese soldiers as

Satun National Museum - Kuden Mansion their command unit. It was also used asthe Satun City Hall and other important o"cial places. During 1997 – 2000, the Fine Arts Department renovated the Kuden Mansion
into a western two-storey brick building. Curved doors and windows are in the European architectural style of art. Its Thai-styled hip-roof is covered with Spanish terra cotta roof tiles. Window panels consist of wooden shutters. The top of the pediment is adorned with a star-shaped vent in accordance with Islamic architecture. Inside, there are displays of history of Satun town and ways of life of the people of Satun, such as the sea dwellers of Ko Li Pe, pot making, a room of the ruler of Satun’s residence, a room of the Thai Muslim culture depicting arts, culture, traditions, local lifestyles, etc. The museum is open on Wednesdays to Sundays from 09.00 a.m. – 04.00 p.m. It is closed on Mondays,
Tuesdays, and public holidays. Admission fee is 50 Baht.
Tel. 0 7472 3140.

Khao To Phaya Wang Public Park is located in the Municipality of Mueang Satun on Khuha Prawet Road. This park offers a distinctive atmosphere unlike other parks. Because of its proximity to a limestone mountain, visitors would ather feel like sitting in a cave than an open-air park.
Furthermore, there is a canal !owing by the park. Various plants make the park shady and suitable for recreation. Food shops are available in neighbouring areas.

Wat Chanathip Chaloem  is located on Sunlakanukun Road in Tambon Phiman.Formerly, it was
called Wat Mambang. This is the first Buddhist temple in the town of Satun. Built in 1882, the temple was renamed Wat Chanathip Chaloem in 1939. In fact, most of the people of Satun are Muslim. The temple has served as a centre of spirit of the Buddhists here for more than a century. The Ubosot (ordination hall) which was built in 1930 has distinctive features, unlike an ordination hall in general. It is a Thai styled two storey building. The first storey is a brick building used as a preaching hall. The second storey is a wooden building for religious practice by Buddhist monks. The ordination hall has a front porch with two side stairways. The posts of the window panels are carved in a traditional ‘Khrueathao’ or intertwined design.

Laem Tanyong Po and Hat Sai Yao are on the mouth of Ao Satun. Take Highway 4051 ( the route to the Che Bilang Pier) for around 8 kilometres and from a junction toward Ban Tanyong Po, go on for around 10 kilometres Laem Tanyong Po is a cape jutting into the Andaman Sea where there is a #shing village. Its long sandy beach is fringed with coconut trees and fishermen’s houses. The fishermen’s way of life and seafood exposed to dry in the sun along the beach can be seen.

Tarutao National Park
It is the first marine national park of Thailand. The park is renowned for its history and natural beauty. It is located in the Andaman Sea, around 40 kilometres from the town of Satun or 22 kilometres o$ the shore from the Pak Bara Pier. To the north, the park borders the Muko Phetra National Park, and to the south, it borders the boundary waters between Malaysia and Thailand. The park covers an area of about 1,490 square kilometres including islands and sea. Of the total 51 islands, there are 7 large islands; namely,
Ko Tarutao,
 Ko Adang,
Ko Rawi,
Ko Li Pe,
Ko Klang,
Ko Batuang,
and Ko Bitsi.
These islands have been formed into two major groups; namely, Muko Tarutao and Muko

Adang – Rawi.
The area was declared a national park on 19 April 1974, and ASEAN Heritage Parks and Reserves by UNESCO in 1982. The best time for a visit is during November to April.
Attractions in the Tarutao National Park Ko Tarutao It is the largest is land of the park, covering an area of 152 square kilometres Most of the areas are mountains with a moist evergreen forest, interesting species of plants and wildlife. Some part of the area is a mangrove forest. There are many bays, both small and large, with beautiful beaces. In the sea, various species of #sh, including 4 endangered species of sea turtle, can be been. The word ‘Tarutao’ was gradually changed from “Talotrao” in Malay, which means having
many bays. Apart from an abundance of nature, Ko Tarutao has a memorable history. In 1936, the government had a policy for the Department of Corrections to set up a reformtory estate and a prison. Being a remote island having natural elements which pose obstacles against escape, Tarutao was, therefore, chosen for this purpose. An o"ce building, houses for warders, a sleeping hall for prisoners, and an occupationaltraining centre, were built at Ao Talo Wao and Ao Talo Udang. In 1938, the#rst group of 500
prisoners was sent to the island. The number of prisoners gradually increased to a maximum of 3,000. In 1939, the government sent 70 more political prisoners resulting from the Bowondet and Nai Sip rebels, to be detained at Ao Talo Udang.
In 1941, World War II caused an impact on the Tarutao reformatory estate and made it be in short of food and medicine. As a result, a great number of prisoners died of illness. The warders and some prisoners decided to attack commercial ships sailing in the sea at the Straits of Melaka and rob goods from them. Therefore, commercial ships were scared to come by the area. In 1946, the Britishgovernment who ruled Melaka at the time successfully suppressed the pirates of Tarutao by force upon permission
from the Thai government. Later, the Department of Corrections announced the dissolution of the Tarutao
reformatory estate. After that, the island was left deserted for 26 years. On 19 April 1974, the Royal Forest Department declared the establishment of the Tarutao National Park, the #rst-ever marine national park of Thailand. Attractions on Ko Tarutao

Ao Phante Melaka  It is a bay with a clean long white beach. The headquarters of the Tarutao National
Park is located here. There is a tourist service centre where an exhibition has been held about the nature and history of Ko Tarutao. This bay also o$ers a viewpoint for a beautiful sunset. From Ao Phante Melaka, visitors can walk up to a viewpoint on Pha To Bu (To Bu Cli$).

Ao Chak This small bay is next to Ao Phante Melaka.

Ao Mo Lae  It is 4 kilometres from the park’s headquarters. The bay possesses a clean white sandy beach.
There is a beautiful grove of coconut trees amidst tranquility, as well as bungalows suitable for recreation.

Ao Son  It is 8 kilometres from the park’s headquarters. This curve-shaped bay has sandy beaches which are interspersed with rocky beaches. It is also an egg-laying ground for sea turtles. A camping site is provided. A food and beverage service is available. There are small waterfalls:
Namtok Ludu and Namtok Lopo. This is an ideal place for forest trekking and a nature study.

Tham Chorakhe

Ao Talo Wao
  It is a bay located to the east of the island, and provides another viewpoint for a beautiful sunrise. The Park’s Ranger Station To To 1 (Talo Wao) is situated here. It is a historical area where the reformatory
estate for detention and critical prisoners was established. Nowadays, the park has imitation buildings of the past,such as houses of the warders, a sleeping hall of prisoners, an occupational training centre, a cemetery of 700 corpses, etc., constructed in the area.

Ao Talo Udang
  It is a bay located to the south of the island, 8 kilometres from Ko Langkawi. The Park’s Ranger Station To To 2 (Talo Udang) is situated here. In the past, it was where political prisoners from the Bowondet and Nai Sip rebels were detained.

Namtok Ludu
 It is a small beautiful waterfall,around 3 kilometres from Ao Son. There is a nature trail from Ao Son to Namtok Ludu.

Tham Chorakhe
 It is a cave of 300 metre in depth. Inside, beautiful stalactites and stalagmites can be found in di$erent forms. To visit the cave, take a long-tailed boat for around 20 minutes. The boat cruises along Khlong
Phante Melaka (Phante Melaka Canal) where numerous mangrove trees grow all along its banks. About an hour is needed to explore the inside of the cave. Visitors should bring their own torches. For more
information, contact the Visitor Service Centre of the park.

Pha To Bu Viewpoint
, Pha To Bu is a clis 60 metre above sea level. A 20-minute-walk up to the
viewpoint passes by a dry evergreen forest. The viewpoint
is behind the park’s headquarters, overlooking the beach
of Ao Phante Melaka, Ko Bulon, Ko Klang, Ko Khai, Ko
Adang, Ko Rawi, and Muko Phetra. A beautiful scene of the
sunset can also be seen from here.
Activities on Ko Tarutao

Nature Trail
 From the park’s headquarters in the area of Ao Phante Melaka, a nature trail goes through an evergreen forest to Ao Talo Wao.This 12 kilometres path is flanked by dense woods and shady plants. Wild animals such as common wild pig, mouse deer, and many interesting species of bird,particularly hornbill, can be often seen along the way.

Another nature trail is to Ao Chak, Ao Mo and Ao Son.
The 8 kilometres walk takes about 2 hours to pass through a virgin rain forest, and is suitable for bird-watching; for example, hornbill and drongo.

Cruising Route around the Island
To study the nature as part of ecotourism, the park provides boats with guiding officers for a visit to the
beaches. The one-day boat trip will take visitors to see birds at Ao Chak; the white sandy beach at Ao Son which is the longest one on Ko Tarutao; hitorical traces at Ao Talo Udang; and nature at Ao Talo Wao; dive on a coral reef, and visit a mangrove forest. For more information, contact the Visitor Service Centre on the island.

Accommodation of the Tarutao National Park
In the area of the Tarutao National Park, guesthouses for visitors are available on Ko Tarutao and Ko Adang. For further details, contact the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation at Tel. 0 2562 0760, or the Visitor Service Centre of the Tarutao National Park at the Pak Bara Pier
in Tambon Pak Nam, AmphoeLa ngu, Satun 91110,
at Tel. 0 7478 3485, or the Tarutao National Park Ranger
Station To To 1 (Ao Phante Melaka) on the island or visit the

To Get to Tarutao National Park
Pak Bara Pier It is located at the mouth of Khlong La ngu in Tambon Pak Nam, La ngu districts, around 8 kilometres from the district of La ngu. It is the nearest pier to Ko Tarutao, a total distance of 22 kilometres Located not far from the pier is the Visitor Service Centre of the Tarutao National Park. Satun – Pak Bara Pier From Mueang Satun District, visitors can travel to the Pak Bara Pier as follows:-
By car : Take Highway 406 to Ban Chalung and turn left to Highway 416 (Satun – La ngu). From Amphoe La ngu,take Highway 4052 toward the Pak Bara Pier.

By bus : A Satun – Pak Bara taxi departs from the taxi stand near the Bangkok Bank Satun Branch many times a day. In addition, there are mini-buses and passenger vans leaving town as well.

Trang – Pak Bara Pier From Mueang Trang district, the highway No.404 passes from Trang to Satun through Ban

Thung Yao Palian district, Thung Wa district and La ngu district, take Highway 406 to Ban Chalung and turn left to Highway 416 (Satun – La ngu). From Amphoe La ngu, take Highway 4052 toward the Pak Bara Pier. The total distance is 140 kilometres.

Hat Yai Districts – Pak Bara Pier From Hat Yai Districts, visitors can travel to the Pak Bara Pier as follows:-
By car : Take Highway 406 to Ban Chalung, Satun, and turn right to Highway 416 (Satun – La ngu). From Amphoe La ngu, take Highway 4052 toward the Pak Bara Pier.

By bus : There is a bus service departing from the Hat Yai
Bus Terminal during 06.10 a.m. – 04.50 p.m. The bus stops for passengers opposite the Hat Yai’s Clock Tower. The journey takes 2½ hours. For more information, contact theSatun Transport Company Limited at Tel. 0 7424 3797.
By van : From the van stand in front of the Hat Yai Railway Station, a passenger van leaves every hour during 06.00 a.m. – 06.30 p.m. For more information, contact the Satun

Transport Company Limited at Tel. 0 7424 5655.


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