Jumaat, 19 Julai 2013

The Real Corcodile Dundee

Two year ago in Australia, he was in croc ordeal . All newspaper and TV station highlight this story to the front page .Today that legend with me and his girlfriend, Veronica. Uwe Niedermowe now 28 year old from Germany, is on way to look forward for new life.The incident not weaken his spirit for traveling all over the world.
Germany Crocodile Dundee

Read the news about " Tourists In Croc ordeal "

FOUR German tourists stranded on a flood plain for 48 hours after their four-wheel-drive vehicle was bogged have said they thought they would die on the remote Territory stretch.

A helicopter pulled the young men to safety after fishermen spotted the group about midday on Sunday. They survived on three litres of water and three packets of two-minute noodles, while surrounded by crocodiles.

Survivor Uwe Niedermowe, 26, yesterday said the group was lucky to be alive.

"I was thinking everything," he said. "Maybe you will die here."

Mr Niedermowe, Leo Herzog, 20, Yari Vaculik, 21, and Uli Bauer, 26, had intended to do just a few hours of four-wheel-driving during a holiday of a lifetime.READ MORE HERE