Selasa, 25 Jun 2013

Guest Writer To Travel Blog Malaysia Thailand

Today I would like to invite you as a guest writer in Travel Blog Malaysia Thailand. Write your experience, when you go traveling or vacationing inside and outside the country. You can tell where nearby attractions place.You could write about: -
1. The interesting tourism place
2. Accommodation or resort or guest house or chalet that offers cheap prices
     and affordable
3.Restoran which serves delicious and affordable price with the value offered.

writing guide
1.You are encouraged to attach a photo, location and date.
2.Acticle must be original
3 Article not vulgar or offensive to others. If you are not satisfied about that place, Please give a recommendations not complain.
4 There is no political element
5.You can use simple English or easy English.

if you interested
1.Please Email your articel to or  share in
2.Please enclose a.Name
                        b.Nick Name
                        d.Facebook (eg.
                        e.Link blog or website
                         f.Your Photo (if necessary)
3.Our editor reserves the right to censor or cancel your writing if found inappropriate.
4.We will display your article with your Facebook link, Email address, Blog or Website Links and your photo..

If you are interested to share your experience with us, please send your articles to:

P / S: Writing just to promote resort or promote your facebook or blog. Sorry no reward from us. Just say thank you and appreciate .