Khamis, 20 Disember 2012

Pak Bara

The port town of Pakbara is the gateway to Ko Lipe and the islands of Ko Tarutao National Park, and for the vast majority of visitors it's just a spot where you wait for the boat.

Should you miss the ferry or if it has been cancelled -- or if you just happen to have a penchant for hanging around port towns -- there is ample accommodation and a few places to eat scattered along the seafront.

The beach near Pakbara's pier is mostly mud flats, but 5 kilometres around the headland to the south is a curve of beach known as Ao Noon. The headquarters for Mu Ko Phetra National Park are near here and there are a few small restaurants.

During high tide, the water here is deep enough for swimming. If you've got a few spare hours waiting for the boat, you could do worse than heading over here to kill some time.

The road leading up to the pier is Pakbara's central 'downtown'. It has a handful of convenience stores restaurants, internet cafes (1B/min), and travel agencies who sell boat tickets and make advance bookings for island accommodation.

Forra Diving is a good source of scuba information and the National Park visitor's centre to the left of the pier can reserve park bungalows and campsites.

There is one ATM located near the 7-eleven, not far from the pier. The nearest police station and hospital are in La Ngu.

Accommodation: Pakbara
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